Archive | February, 2015

7 Tips for Winter Driving

This post originally appeared on the Leith Cars blog. Well, this day hasn’t gone as expected. It seems like it’s been a while since we woke up and were surprised by a sudden snowstorm. We can only imagine how much more unpleasant this weather is for people who had already set out on their commute […]

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Why do automakers camouflage cars?

If you follow a lot of car news, you’re probably familiar with the cycle that bloggers and journalists go through every time a new car is on its way to the street. There’s the initial announcement, followed by some teased sketches, then maybe a concept car or a prototype, and eventually the production model is […]

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Acura NSX Interior, Designer, and Type R

Well would you look at the time. We’re overdue to talk about the production version of the new Acura NSX again. Revealed last month at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, this is the fully realized version of Acura’s hybrid supercar. Even weeks later, there is still a ton of buzz being generated by […]

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