Give the Gift of Acura

At Leith Acura Cary, we celebrate the holidays by offering a myriad of automotive and accessory specials. There is no better time than now to find out why Acura is the perfect coupling of luxury and affordability; if you already own an Acura, we offer service deals and gorgeous accessories to boast that you’re a part of something special. Allow us to tell you what we have!

Service Specials

• Timing belt – $100 OFF for our specialists to change your timing belt, water pump, and inspect related components!
• Cabin air filter – $15 OFF replacement, which will greatly enhance the air quality in the cabin of your vehicle!
• Midweek discount – $10-$30 OFF when you select between two and four of the following: the replacement of transmission fluid, rear brake pads, coolant, brake fluid, battery, and engine serpentine belt!
• Front brakes – $40 OFF when our specialists replace your brake pads with genuine Acura components to receive superior performance!

Give yourself the gift of an Acura this holiday season, and arrive at your destination in class and style.

Class is a timeless characteristic, and that is just what you’ll find in any year and make of our Acura line.

Acura Gifts Catalogue


We offer an array of accessories with varied prices, but there is a singular keystone across all the items: the unmistakable Acura logo.


Trailer hitches, license plates, hats, travel mugs, keychains, v-neck pullovers, and many other apparel items are available.

Regardless of tastes or styles, you can find a gift that will brighten the eyes of any Acura owner. We welcome you to check out the merchandise in-stock at our dealership.

Stop in and receive 15% OFF all in-stock items!

Happy holidays!

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