Why Go Anywhere Else?

You are already familiar with the quality of an Acura. Whether you own one or want to, there’s no question that it is unmistakably luxurious and chic. The level craftsmanship in design and fabrication has consumers naturally gravitating toward their new Acura. What keeps them coming back to Leith Acura Cary is the customer service.

In fact, we have enjoyed working with many long-term customers. One of them, Matthew, just purchased a new Acura at the beginning of November. What he said can be found in full here, but we felt compelled to give a few snippets!

“We have purchased four cars from Leith Acura in the past ten years, and we will always use them when we are in the market for a new Acura.”

Our intention is to not make a sale, but to make a lifelong customer. With the strength of our brand and reputation of our staff, we maintain every intention to live up to “lifelong.”

“Buying car is not about balloons and inflatable gorillas and neon price stickers. A vehicle is the second largest purchase most family’s make outside of a home, and it requires a quiet and detailed conversation with a knowledgeable professional, which is exactly what you will get from sales team at Leith Acura.”

Balloons and, especially, inflatable gorillas sound really appealing, but it seems our customers like our current approach: knowledge, honesty, and integrity. We know the gravity of purchasing a car all too well, so each member of Leith Acura Cary enthusiastically engages in a dialogue with customers that builds confidence in the brand. There are no bells and whistles or sign spinners, and there are certainly no primates, but there are professionals who want to help you make the best possible decision.

“The service team at Leith Acura is also first class. They are always on time with quality service and repairs and take the time to listen to and work with the car owner to ensure the car is in perfect condition.”

From our service department to our showroom to the car lot, you’ll never encounter anything less than first class. We are glad that the efforts are yielding results.

“There is just no point in going anywhere else.”

Stop on by to see us here at Leith Acura Cary, and leave those neon price stickers behind.

Leith Acura

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