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2016 RDX exterior front Raleigh Cary

2016 RDX Continues Acura’s Clear Vision, Value

The 2016 RDX has been updated to better reflect the clear vision and pure DNA found in the newer models of the Acura brand. Walk into a showroom and you will find noticeable similarities between the RDX and its sedan-shaped brethren, the TLX and the ILX. This homogenization starts at the front with the refreshed […]

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Tire stack

What do the markings on my tires mean?

We’re back with more Acura FAQs. FAQuras? No, no, definitely not. Moving on. Today we’ll be answering your questions about tires, the stylish black shoes your car wears. They do all sorts of great things, like insulating our cars against lightning strikes and, you know, giving them lateral grip and traction and all that good […]

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