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What Acura Models Have AWD?

Last month, we touched again on the possibility that we might see an all all-wheel drive lineup from Acura sometime in the future. For some of you, that might make you wonder how big of a move that would be, and the answer might surprise you. Let’s give a brief rundown on which Acura vehicles […]

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Tire stack

What do the markings on my tires mean?

We’re back with more Acura FAQs. FAQuras? No, no, definitely not. Moving on. Today we’ll be answering your questions about tires, the stylish black shoes your car wears. They do all sorts of great things, like insulating our cars against lightning strikes and, you know, giving them lateral grip and traction and all that good […]

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2016 acura rdx brakes

Acura FAQs: What’s wrong with my brakes?

In our efforts to answer your pressing questions about the Acura you drive, we’ve stumbled upon a startlingly common topic: brakes. People tend to ask a lot of questions about their brakes, and given how important they are to the safe operation of your vehicle, providing you with answers to those questions is a top […]

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7 Tips for Winter Driving

This post originally appeared on the Leith Cars blog. Well, this day hasn’t gone as expected. It seems like it’s been a while since we woke up and were surprised by a sudden snowstorm. We can only imagine how much more unpleasant this weather is for people who had already set out on their commute […]

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