Get Set for New Seasons of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Acura, in 2012, featured Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno in its Super Bowl commercial. The primetime advertisement was a success; it even discovered an inherent chemistry between Seinfeld and the Acura brand. With the help of Creative Artists Agency, the automaker and the comedian signed a deal to create what would become an incredibly popular web series, eventually even yielding a few unique ads.


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

The premise is as simple as the title: Jerry Seinfeld picks up comedians in classic cars, and they go get a cup of coffee. Along the way, he speaks with his guests regarding their experiences in life and the industry in which they work. Some of the previous Hollywood figures include Louis CK, Seth Meyers, Howard Stern, Sarah Silverman, and Larry David. Since its debut two years ago, the web show has amassed more than 40 million streams.

Acura, realizing the potential to reach millions of new consumers, renewed its sole sponsorship of the web series. Another four seasons, twenty-four episodes in total, will be featured on Sony Pictures Television’s

Jerry and Barry

At one point during the first three seasons of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld penned a few unique advertisements for Acura. These ads satirized the car commercials of the 1960s, capturing some of the hyperbolic tactics and acting of this decade – kudos to director Barry Sonnenfeld for his efforts.

For the fourth and fifth seasons of his web show, Jerry Seinfeld employed his creativity to draft a new set of quirky ads. This time, in place of a ‘60s spoof, we get Dan Granite.

Dan Granite is a fast-talking, confident brand ambassador for Acura who spellbinds customers by intermingling interesting (or maybe odd?) life advice with what distinguishes the luxurious, all-new Acura TLX.

“I sell cars; you sell you,” he states.

Seinfeld confirmed that ten commercials were filmed, providing two for each upcoming web episode.

Everyone involved with American Honda’s Acura Division is enthusiastic about the return of Comedians. The general manager of the division, Mike Accavitti, recently told the media that he thinks “we’ve really stumbled onto something special.”

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