How to Drive Like Jason Bourne

Piece of cake, right? As any instructor will tell you, acquiring the skills for evasive and tactical driving like Jason Bourne or James Bond takes one thing: practice. That, and a healthy bit of confidence.

So how do I do it?

The easiest answer is that you should sign up for an evasive or tactical driving course. Most states have professionally taught lessons for people who are moving to dangerous areas or just have more curiosity and cash than they know what to do with.

A quick Google search will give you the names of several providers. You should also check out online message board forums where people like yourself have asked this question. Forums are a good place to define your interest, e.g. do you want military- or civilian-level instruction?

I can’t just learn it in a blog post then?

You can learn some, as this post from WikiHow demonstrates. That said, there is some irony in expecting to learn how to handle a visceral, adrenaline-pumping skill from the comfort of your 4.7-inch smartphone screen.

Tactical and evasive driving is more muscle memory than anything else. It’s about learning about cars themselves—how they carry their weight, what you can tell just by looking at one—and then how to watch other drivers. These are physical actions you need to be present to perform.

What else will I need?

Bourne and Bond had more than knowledge and practice—they also had calm and confidence. That probably came from the emotional and physical training they received to be tough guys who always have perfect hair and the energy to dress nicely.

All that to say that you should begin physical training to give you the confidence to drive like you have multiple identities. And maybe buy some new clothes and hair product, too.

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